Environmental Protection Equipment

Protección ambiental de equipos

Exists in the market and in the reality of many companies to solve difficult challenges level packaging or protective covers.

It is easy to find different options on the market to protect in transport or storage pallets, drums, containers and other standardized measures or long runs.

Now there is a difficult problem that is tailor this package or protective cover specific customer needs of each location and even from each team in a given location.

Climatic and environmental conditions on our planet are changing and diverse. In addition, the wide range of products we manufacture and transport cause a large number of times the teams with which we do or move this merchandise or application should suffer extremes of temperature, humidity, health etc, etc, can impair the functioning team or the asset’s useful life.

In Normotron we believed that we should be open to this problem and therefore have the elements to make a custom piece, a small series and all the elements to provide a solution to this problem, let us know your problem and solve it Normotron.

Art Works protection

Obras de arte en almacén

The collections of works of art that are stored in the cellars of the museums, antique shops, art dealers and collectors, are of constant concern because of the special care they need to prevent daeterioro.

The main enemy of these works is because moisture provides the perfect breeding ground for the emergence and development of various microorganisms that can cause serious damage and in some cases may be irreparable losing invaluable pieces.

Moisture also promotes further proliferation of insects when detected in the majority of times the degree of infection is high, and the damage can be repaired or irreversible, depending on the degree of infection to the workpiece.

Among the most common pests are the demestidae and anobidae are polyphagous beetles, the best known are the weevils and beetles.

These insects feed directly from the works of art as much wood as fur, leather, hair or other organic substance, lay their eggs in them and cause damage in the form of holes that are in many cases irreparable.

There are different methods to control these pests:

  1. Thermal method: This is the part to temperatures of + 60 degrees or – 20 0 25 degrees with the risks that this could lead to the treated part.
  2. Fumigation: The piece is treated with toxic chemicals, this process is dangerous in its development, can be harmful to the work of art and not always effective.
  3. Method of controlled atmosphere: The most current and which has been less harmful to the artwork.

The most prominent is by anoxia and removed the insect placing contaminated material in a special chamber in which oxygen is removed and where possible replaced by another gas.

In Normotron have chosen this system because it is the most versatile, useful and respectful environment to retain the piece with the desired atmosphere and packaged in a moisture barrier material.

This method can be used as a method of treatment for an infected part but also to protect the storage part either insure safe transportation of the artwork without the danger that it may become infected during it.

It is a very reliable method, with reduced costs, versatile, and suitable for use both by major museums as well as for small museums, collectors and art galleries that are unable to provide storage chambers with controlled atmosphere and want to be assured that their parts lie in their stores with packaging that protects them from moisture and with a user-controlled atmosphere through a simple and convenient system that allows the development of such pests.

Create Barrier Liners


We have the ability and resources to develop and manufacture innovative solutions for optimal protection of solid products as granules, powder, paste for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry fine grain.

We rely on the same principle that nature, take an egg as an example. It consists of a thin outer shell with flexible membrane contained their primary natural purpose is to protect the yolk. In Normotron naturally apply the same principle to ensure consistent product quality, protection from damage, contamination and humedad.reamos Barrier Liners

Treatment Furnitures and works of art with co2


There are many systems to control pests that attack wood furniture and artwork.

Spray injection special tacos, heat shock, gel, foam expansive insecticide.

All these systems are apt to eradicate these pests, but each has certain limitations, first spraying, expanding foam or gel insecticide does not penetrate sufficiently into the wood and larvae often not affected by these actions in full.

Other systems such as the injection of special treatment hueyas heels leave the eye and makes the piece lose its aesthetic value.

Thermal shock is a clean technology but need to have a completely sealed and airtight chamber for applying intense heat waves or cold, this type of technology is often used in small parts and has serious limitations for oversized furniture.

For a while now increasingly is spreading the use of co2 in the treatment of such pests.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an excellent alternative to other toxic chemicals traditionally used (methyl bromide, phosphine, insecticides) in the insect as well as being highly effective, provides a beneficial technology to the environment, is a gas that leaves no residue, use and production are not regulated for safety reasons, it is recyclable and is widely used in feed them for their safety applications.

This treatment has a number of applications that can be used in all types of wood, wood furniture, artwork, books, historical, textiles, carpets and all kinds of clothes, etc etc etc. that are infected by insects and / or microorganisms (wood decay fungi) and can receive curative treatment to these organisms.

This is a treatment in modified atmosphere with CO2, which as its name suggests, is to eliminate this oxygen in a bubble, tailored, and replace CO2 allowing all aerobic organisms (variety of insects and microorganisms; xilófagos) fungi present at the time of treatment are eliminated. In addition to temperature control ensures the success of the treatment, since all stages (egg, larva and adult) insects are eliminated.

This treatment unlike other has the added advantage that it is not necessary to transport the part to be treated due to both the bag of barrier material and necessary equipment are fully transportable where necessary.

In Normotron we have paid special attention to this treatment and industry by having a manufacturing process plan to manufacture quickly and economically this type of bag bubble barrier material pudiéndonos adapted to any size and need for the professional pest eradication you can specify to be very fast on the budget and the manufacture of this product.

Coffee, An exciting world

bodegon cafe neutre(I)

Every day there are millions and millions who are prepared cups worldwide lungo, ristretto, cappuccino, no matter, what really matters is the drink served.

The coffee definitely is a passion, a pleasure and after this world there are millions of lovers and entrepreneurs.

People and organizations traveling to remote places of our planet in order to select the best crops and control production from the point of origin to care and protect the most of all the qualities that this seed gives us every day anywhere in the planet.

The key to success is a good coffee extract aromas selecting varieties and empowering them through the back dela roasting and grinding.

Once this is achieved, the coffee, you need a package that retains its properties so that it reaches our cups with all its flavor and its aroma for your consumption becomes the great pleasure means good coffee taste.

We wanted to make our contribution to this beautiful world putting on the market a complete range of bags ranging from 125 grams to 3 kilos with or without valve, with different compositions and laminates with graphics to enhance further its sale.

In addition we also wanted a product line that always completely anonymous we stock in our warehouse for new, young and experienced entrepreneurs who daily Torran selected and small amounts of coffee can have an optimal packaging for preservation in Normotron understand why quality that sometimes does not understand numbers.

Flexible protective packaging

bodegon petfood(I) a

We believe that currently require packaging markets and adapted to fit different policies logistics, distribution and marketing.

Sensitive to these needs and on the basis of conservation and protection we can offer a complete range of products with attractive graphics that help in itself a final sale and along with it all kinds of possibilities to facilitate the protection and use of the product by the end customer.

With all this build a package tailored to each client, typology market and designed to facilitate the use of the packed product and the end customer convenience.